Realiscape Typorama is a leading informatics company that specializes in developing and selling advanced high-tech multimedia, interactive 2D and 3D digital solutions and virtual and augmented reality based projects for culture, education and training purposes. Nowadays, a core focus of the company is on providing market-leading immersive scalable experiences for professional training in VR, arming employees with hands-on experience instead of simply theoretical knowledge that needs to be tested with trial and error in the field.

During the 30 years of its existence it has created a strong infrastructure, gained expertise by successfully completing significant projects for both the public and private sector, by offering a diverse spectrum of high quality, technology-driven solutions and services which fall into the following categories:


  • Informatics & digitization services
  • VR & AR solutions, both projection based and head mounted
  • Publications and publications editing
  • Large buildings and hospitals signage systems design
  • Organization of environmental information centers
  • Dissemination & publicity projects of public and private communities


The well-trained staff working in the company, the modern material and technical infrastructure, the company’s even structure with secretarial support, accountancy and competition department and its collaborations with specialized units of production of plants, special laboratories, scientific consultants and external partners ensure high quality in our work.