The Institute focuses on the collection, characterization, identification (classical and molecular) and release to the farmers of plant propagation material adapted to the requirements of contemporary certified agriculture. Simultaneously, it conducts research on the biological underpinnings and the environmental repercussions of ecological production systems, on the traceability of the logistic chain in the agricultural food production and is involved in the planning of improved farming systems. It also conducts soil analyses and it provides advices to farmers interested in introduction of new grape cultivars as well as in compost utilization. Finally, it develops methodologies useful in the diagnosis as well as in the monitoring of viral diseases of cultivated plants and provides relevant advices. In addition, the Institute evaluates current scientific advances and it facilitates its application to the profit of local, regional or European rural economy. For achieving its aims the Institute co-operates with other research and educational institutes as well as with the local authorities and farmer organisations. Besides, it co-operates abroad with research and development Institutes, Universities and international organisations in common interest research programmes.It is composed of the following laboratories (in alphabetical order).

  • Laboratory of Substrate Biotechnology and of Agricultural Microbiology – Soil Analysis 
  • Laboratory of Plant Biotechnology – Genomic Resources 
  • Laboratory of Ecological Production Systems 
  • Laboratory of Plant Virology