Creative People was born in 2013 from people following their passion for technology and computing. The team consists of IT professionals, holders of doctoral and postgraduate degrees from Greek and foreign universities with over 20 years of IT experience in Banking, Insurance, Securities and Defense sectors. Creative People offers information and technology services to businesses and organizations with main goal the client’s best interest.

In the difficult period of the economic crisis in Greece, Creative People managed to remain profitable since its first year of operation, offering IT services in the following areas:

  • IT Infrastructure Design
  • IT Infrastructure Implementation
  • IT Support
  • IT Support Contracts
  • IT Consulting
  • VoIP PBX
  • Hosting-DNS Management
  • VOIP Hosting
  • Custom Application Development
  • Web Site Construction-SEO
  • Applications-Databases Development

The main method used in order to maintain its upward trend, was the emphasis on being extrovert, a feature that lead to 40% of its turnover coming from the domestic market and 60% from abroad.

The export of know-how abroad and foreign income has helped Creative People to withstand the hostility against businesses, which actively dominates the Greek reality.

The company’s turnover is 58% from the private sector, 24% from the wider public sector and 18% from European research programs.

Creative People is actively engaged in research activity as a subcontractor in European research projects focusing on:

  • databases,
  • application development,
  • telecommunications,
  • communications security,
  • and unmanned vehicle systems.

Creative People carries out its activities entirely covered by own funds, and thus maintains zero debt.

Today, the operations team is made up from 7 staff members, diverse IT and group-based specialists, to cover the full range of Information and Technology activities of each modern business. At the same time there are 2 external partners who act as Technical Consultants in NATO Telecommunication Projects.

In summary, the distribution of the roles to executives in Creative People is as follows:

Creative People

Developing Role 4 persons
ΙΤ Support Role 4 persons
Research and Development 3 persons
Management 1 person
Accounting 1 person
Administration 1 person

Creative People’s staff, while keeping professional, is constantly in personal contact with client’s staff. We support IT infrastructures daily, act proactively and operate as an in-house IT department for the client. At the same time, we advise and guide clients regarding the crafting and maintenance of business, quality and legal processes always in accordance to data protection policies. The international environment in which we operate and our experience in a variety of business sectors, along with our constant commitment to IT R&D, enables us to offer solutions and value-added services to selected customers.

Creative People’s main principles are:

  • We never publish or refer to our client list. Our clients only know other clients that referred one another.
  • Strict confidentiality and exclusivity is maintained per business segment. This ensures strong and long-lasting partnerships with our clients that lead to success for both parties.

Creative People applies a Quality Management System in line with ISO 9001:2015, certified by TUV Austria Certification Number: 20001180000484, for the scope of Information and Technology Services, Design, Implementation, network and Information System Support.